Adama Dicko (Barka) raj, 18. Dezember 2016

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We all remember ADAMA DICKO from the Urban Tropics Festival, where he played with the band "BARKA". Six months later his album arrived, waiting to get performed live for you!

~ come and enjoy true N'GONI sounds! ~

Adama Dicko "Jam Jam" Album Releaseparty

entry: 7€ 
student: 3,50€

Adama Dicko was born 1986 in the Sahel region of West Africa. He originates from a nomadic family, the Fulanis, and his parents settled in the northern part of Burkina Faso, former Upper Volta, in a town called Djibo, near the Malian border. At age seven, he began attending a madrassa, a koranic school, just as every Fulani boy, but he left school when he was 14. Although his family wanted him to stay and learn in a more formal way, he felt that education is not something that can be obtained only in a particular school. So he left his hometown and walked for two days until he arrived in a new city, where he stayed with people of the Mossi tribe. After working different jobs and learning the language and culture of the Mossi, Adama moved to a town of the Bambara tribe, to learn their culture.

It was with the Bambara that Adama discovered his passion for the n’goni instrument, though he was well aware his family would never allow him to make music professionally. In 2005, he traveled out of Burkina Faso for the first time. On his way to Ivory Coast, he passed through Accra, the capital of Ghana. There, again, he met Bambara musicians. Following an inner call, Adama dropped his plans to leave for Ivory Coast, stayed with those musicians and learned how to build and play the n’goni. He had several teachers – Arouna Diarra, Yacouba Diarra and Samba Diarra. After practicing many n’goni playing techniques, it was time to learn his own way of playing the instrument because he was not a griot, a traditional West African historian, storyteller, musician and poet, who keeps the traditional playing styles. And so Adama created his own style between blues and reggae which allowed him to sing and talk about his journeys and experiences.

Traveling across West African revealed that life is more than being in the Sahel. But it was not until he left Africa, visited other continents, and traveled across Europe and the United States, that he formed a deeper perspective on what it means to be an African in the world of today.

In 2015, the wish grew to record his own album, featuring international musicians who accompanied him on his journey. In early 2016, Adama recorded his debut album “jam jam” featuring many great musicians from across the world. Adama considers this album a book, filled with stories, impressions and images, a book which offers itself to everyone with open ears and hearts. His music speaks to equality, injustice and how minorities are treated, how the realities of many young people are often neglected, about the life of women and the way they view the African continent. He tells us about all the things he has seen, experienced and gone through from an early age. This is Adama’s story.

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